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Year 6 writing: Super Short Stories

In Mrs Everett's Year 6 English group, the children have been writing short stories using their own ideas. They have learnt how to write effective openings and endings to engage the reader. Here are some of their openings. Which do you like best? Can you predict what will happen next? 

‘The man ran to the door; he had butterflies in his stomach. He was covered in sweat. He had to finish the project tonight!’

By Sam 


‘They had been arguing greatly for the last half hour. 

"It will be really fun to explore!" yelled Jonny wiping his sweaty, black hair out of his eyes. 

Before he spoke, Jim took a huge swig of water to keep himself hydrated. "But, it could be dangerous and we might not find our way out."’                                             

By Owen 


‘I ran. Every footstep I heard, every bullet shell dropping on the hard, marble floor, the more petrified I became. I kept on running; sliding my body over cracked air vents and obstacles that got in my way.’       

By Howie


‘It was a couple of days ago when I started digging holes in the ground.’         

By Alice


I'd always longed for a sister or a brother. I didn't really care - just someone to look out for me.’                                          

By Polly 


'There he was, drifting uncontrollably through space. His oxygen tank punctured; his line severed. There was the craft hovering above him. Beaming lights engulfing his weak body. There was the claw, stretching out and closing its fingers around the figure.’

By Robert


Great openings Year 6… I’d like to read more!