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Year 2 & 3 Hockey Stars!

Last Friday, a group of girls travelled to Malvern St James Prep School to play a hockey fixture. Playing with enthusiasm, great skills, determination and big smiles on their faces, they did exceptionally well with our Year 2 team taking victory and our Year 3 team coming close.  We thought we’d find out what some of them had to say about representing their school:

Comments from Year 2

"We scored 15 goals. It was amazing!" Phoebe


"We worked as a team and that was what helped us to win. Being in the team was the best part - I felt proud." Imogen


"We remembered to move into space like Mr Robertshaw told us to do." Florence


"I liked it when Mrs Clements gave us turns to be captain." Ruby


"When we were passing to each other we were like a real team." Mia


"The cakes at the end were really good!" Daisy


Comments from Year 3:

"The best bit was when I helped Lucy to score a goal and when I span around with the ball to go in a different direction." Evie


"When Lucy scored the goal it was great." Josie


"I loved being in goal with all the pads on!" Erin

"Being the goalkeeper was like being a daddy emperor penguin with an egg on your feet!" Lucy


"The best (and worst) bit was when I hit the post and nearly scored a goal." Lexie


"Being a part of a team was the best experience of all." Lauren