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Y2 trip to Tesco

Year 2 visit to Tesco

This week both Year 2 classes have ventured to Tesco supermarket to learn about food and how a supermarket works. They got to experience ‘behind the scenes’ and many undertake many other new and interesting experiences. The children returned bearing huge smiles and full of interesting facts, here is what they had to say:

‘Did you know that we felt all sorts of slimy fish? I also loved discovering the kinds of fruits that countries grew e.g. lemons from Chile!’ Beau

‘We picked up lots of species of fish and I even lifted the fish scales and salmon has sharp teeth! Joseph

‘We went into a -23degrees C freezer and it was freezing! Did you know that they use a huge spatula to get the dough into the oven?’ Erin 

‘We tasted lots of varieties of different cheeses and other foods. We went to look at the different foods they sell in the shop and which country they come from.’ Josh B

‘First of all we decorated chef hats with colourful pens and stickers!’ Estelle

‘We saw loads of new metal, sharp and very shiny machines.’ Lily Q