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Y2 Big School Bird Watch

Big Schools Bird Watch

On Monday, Year 2 loved taking part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch. Here’s what the children had to say:

‘I enjoyed finding the birds because you had to look at the identification chart.’  Charlie, Year 2.

‘I liked it when I spotted my first bird.’ Evie May, Year 2

‘I enjoyed exploring the words, looking for birds to record on my sheet. It was amazing!’ Erin, Year 2

‘Top tips for bird watching: Remember to always keep your eyes peeled, keep your mouth closed and keep your ears listening.’ Lily, Year 2

‘I liked it because we saw lots of nice birds. We had to be super quiet! You had to look at the colour of the birds.’ Megan, Year 2















Big Schools’ Birdwatch

‘Here are the birds I saw: 5 magpies, 3 long tailed tits, 8 blackbirds and 10 wood pigeons.’ Estelle, Year 2