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Y1 Pizza Report

Last Friday, Year One went on their greatly anticipated pizza making trip to Ask. The children had fine tuned instructions to make a pizza from scratch in English and had made a paper plate pizza in DT, exploring different toppings. Whilst at Ask, the children behaved impeccably and were a credit to Somers Park and to their parents. They thoroughly enjoyed building their pizzas by themselves and lots of the children tried, and enjoyed, foods that they had thought they did not like. Despite enjoying a three course meal, some of the children did enquire about snacks as soon as they returned to school. It is hungry work being in Year One!

"I loved every bit of my pizza." Jacob

"I didn't know that garlic bread is made of the same stuff as pizza." Cameron

"We all shared the toppings so that everyone got what they liked the best." Imogen

"It was great. I loved it. It made me laugh when Mrs Clements pretended that I'd made my pizza for her because I didn't!" Greyson

"The fruit with the ice cream was nicer than I thought it would be." Casey