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World Book Day


Watching the children, young and older during the parade, smiling, laughing and interacting with each other was very special indeed.  It was also evident that the staff enjoyed themselves too! A few prizes were given out for costumes, but nowhere near as many as we would have liked- all of the children who took part need to feel very proud of their efforts indeed.

If you used the opportunity to take photographs of your children in their costumes during the parade, please can I remind you to respect the privacy wishes of other parents not to include pictures of any other children on any forum that could be public, including social media.  Photographs of children with the necessary permissions will be published on both the school website and Twitter accounts.

World Book Day was full of interesting activities and throughout this newsletter you will see some pictures of the events. Year 6 played with words to develop their own quotes about reading- short and sweet and I think we should make them into posters!


‘Which books will you read? What magic will you touch?’


‘A book a day can bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face (that’s their purpose!)’


‘A book is a world full of imagination.’


‘You will never feel more at home and welcome than when you are reading.’


‘A book a day keeps boredom away.’


‘The only place magic can be found is in a book.’