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Tanzania 2017


Link to Cumbageni 2017 video:  https://vimeo.com/240980318 

During the week before Half term, Mr Hansen and Mr Wilson joined colleagues from other Malvern schools to visit our different partner schools in Tanga, Tanzania.

Somers Park has had a 13 year affiliation with Chumbageni Primary School, during which time there have been annual reciprocal visits between the schools, with staff learning from each other whilst building a purposeful and mutually beneficial relationship.

As part of our partnership, the CHUMS charity was formed and money has been raised by parents at Somers Park, contributing to the development of facilities and resources at Chumbageni. This year they have seen the addition of access to water having drilled a bore hole; whilst previous projects have included roofing and fencing the school, building a kitchen and providing sewing machines for communty training purposes.

During this years visit a regular blog was written, this can be found at http://somerspark.com/Curriculum/International-Links ; a large number of photographs taken http://somerspark.com/news-and-events/gallery and an interactive Twitter feed maintined, where children at Somers Park were able to ask questions to the teachers about the visit.  Although you may need to trawl back through, the Twitter interactions can be found by searching for @SomersPark1 at https://twitter.com/

The video above was made by Mr Wilson, giving just a flavour of the visit. We hope you enjoy it.