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Reception theatre trip

Reception- Malvern Theatre

During the afternoon last Friday, Reception children went to Malvern Theatre to watch a production of ‘Don’t Dribble on the Dragon’. They had a lovely time- here’s what they had to say:


‘I loved the bit where the dragon came alive.’ Mylo


‘I liked the bit where the dragon disappeared and the man didn't know where he went.’ Ebony


‘My favourite part was when we all had to dance! It was really good!’ John


‘We went on a double-decker bus. It was good because we took turns on the top.’ Olivia


‘They had to try and fix the skateboard because Jack's brother broke it.’ Alfie


‘There were lots of different colour lights in the theatre.’ Leia


‘Red fire came out of the dragon's mouth. It made me feel a bit scared.’ Catalina


‘I liked the bit where they made the cake. It was blue with stars on.’ Freddie


The hour long show highlighted relationship issues between siblings and how best to overcome them. It involved interactive singing and dancing that even had the grown-ups wiggling!! The children behaved fantastically from beginning to end. A few more comments from the children:


‘I liked the dragon when it fired out pretend fire.’ Aimee


‘I liked sitting at the top of the double decker bus.’ Harley


‘I liked it when the water squirted on us.’ Amelia


‘I liked it when the dragon went missing and we had to find him.’ Finley