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Pupils' Questionnaire

In November we surveyed the children to get their views of life in our school.  The findings were very interesting and will help to shape our school developments over the coming months.

The children’s opinions on the teaching in the school were overwhelmingly positive. Particularly positive were the responses to the questions: ‘Does your teacher help you when you have a problem?’ (95%), ‘Does your teacher praise you when you do well?’ (95%) and ‘My teacher tells me what to do to improve my work’ (97%). This matches with what I see in lessons during my monitoring; children are engaged, happy and keen to do well.

The less positive responses, which in turn have also impacted on the question ‘Do you enjoy coming to school? (90%) will help us to review our practice in the following ways:

I like House Points and they help to motivate me: 81% positive

Responses from Reception to Year 4 about our reward system were very positive overall, however this was less so for our older children.  We will be looking at how we can improve our House system in the Spring Term and will ask the children for their ideas too.

Do school trips help you with your work? 86% positive

Surprisingly, children were less positive about the impact of school visits on their learning.  We will be considering how we can ensure that the context and follow up work to an educational visit, embeds and extends what they have seen and done beyond the boundaries of the school grounds. Responses from the older children were more positive than those of the younger children (except for Reception whose responses were 100% positive!).

Do you have enough to do at playtimes? 75% positive

We will be asking the school council to find out how the children would like to improve playtimes at our school, ensuring that there are some resources and investment to enhance our provision here.  It should be noted though, that this survey was completed during the middle of a very cold snap this winter- I wonder if the responses would differ in the middle of the summer?

Are there enough clubs for you to join if you want to? 79% positive

The teachers work hard to offer extracurricular activities for your children (this is additional to their class teacher responsibilities), whether that is through the arts, sport or computing.  We are however restricted by hall space in the winter and so need to be cautious not to plan too many clubs in case of poor weather. Despite this, in the Autumn Term, we offered 14 clubs a week.

The least positive responses about clubs came from the children in Year 3 and 4 and this is explainable.  With the external competitions aimed mainly at Year 5 and 6 during the Autumn Term, activities were offered to enable the children to develop their skills in specific sports prior to these tournaments. As a result, this term we have ensured more is on offer to Year 3 and 4 for whom the following clubs will be available during the Spring Term: Netball, Boys’ Football, Girls’ Football, Choir, Art and Chess.

In the Spring Term, we are also developing our ‘Music for all’ provision, by offering clarinet lessons to Year 3 and 4 pupils who would like to learn to play an instrument.

The full results from the survey are:


Question or statement

Positive responses

Do you think you are doing well at school?


Do you enjoy coming to school?


Does you teacher praise you when you do well?


Does your teacher help you when you have a problem?


Do school trips help you with your work?


Does your homework help you learn?


Are there enough clubs for you to join if you want to?


I like house points and they help to motivate me


My teacher tells me what I have to do to improve my work


The school and my teachers listen to my opinions and ideas


Do you have enough to do at playtimes?


We also asked some questions which required an explanatory response.  One of which was ‘Do you feel safe in school?’  96% of children gave a positive response to this questions which raises the concern about the 4% who do not feel so.  Upon further scrutiny, there were a very small proportion of children who said they do not feel safe because they have been called names or hurt in school.  Children’s safety is incredibly important to us and we will always follow up and deal with unkind behaviour. 

However, it must be noted, the majority of those who said they did not feel safe had less worrying reasons: ‘I don’t like the fire alarm.’, ‘I miss my family.’, ‘Netball is dangerous’ and ‘Anyone can come through the school office.’ (Which of course, they can’t!).

The positive responses to this questions also had some excellent explanations: ‘The school is very secure.’, ‘My teachers and friends look after me.’, ‘The school deals with bullying.’ and ‘It’s like a second family!’ to give just a few.

We asked the children what they knew about bullying and their thoughtful responses demonstrated a very strong understanding: ‘When you do something nasty to somebody over and over again,’ and ‘Doing something you know will upset someone all the time,’ were a few of the answers given by the children across the school. This is particularly pleasing as it demonstrates the impact of the work the children completed during Anti-Bullying Week at the beginning of November.

The children had some excellent ideas for how to improve our school.  Some were more ambitious: ‘Build a swimming pool’, ‘Make school day longer,’, ‘more playtimes’…   whilst others will certainly be considered: ‘Tidier cloakrooms’, ‘More play equipment.’, ‘Jumpers to go with our PE kit’ ‘Improve the electric whiteboards and pens so that we can see them’ and ‘More languages lessons.’ However, my favourite I think was: ‘Nothing, it’s lovely!’

We will keep you informed about how we are acting upon some of these suggestions over the coming months.