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Home Learning Policy

You will remember that we asked for your opinions about homework prior to Christmas through an online survey. The response was overwhelming, with 144 people sharing their opinions which as you may expect were very varied.  Since then we have also gained the opinions of the staff through a similar survey and of the children through the School Council.

The Policy we have formulated considers all of these views in deciding how we can make homework most valuable to learning without impacting negatively on family life or a child’s well-being.

The policy is based around the principle of high quality, focused and regular, prioritising developing competence and a love of reading; fluency in mathematics and a sound understanding of spelling. We also acknowledge the importance of developing independent and creative learners, and have woven this in through a termly project style homework.

We have shared the policy with the School Council who have given us this response to share with you:


‘Dear Parents,

Recently, pupils, teachers, parents and guardians have been given a homework survey to ask their opinions about the homework the children are given.

After this, School Council had an important meeting with Mr Williams and we have now decided on a new Home Learning Policy which looks like this:

You will now be receiving your weekly spellings, 20mins of reading every night and if you are in Year 3 and 4 you will get times tables to practice once a week but if you are in Year 5 and 6 then you will receive homework related to maths facts and calculations once a week.

For the final part of our home learning, we will be set whole school open ended projects to complete over each half term. These will have a theme for the children to demonstrate their creativity in the projects they produce. Parents will be invited into school to see these and the children will also be able to visit other classes to see the differ work that other children have made.

The school council are very pleased with the outcome of the homework surveys.

By Emma Denman, Sophia Leatham, Izzy Cale and Georgia Phillips

(Year 6 School Council Representatives)