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January 2018

  • Date
  • 3rd Jan
    Term starts- Children return to school
  • 15th Jan
    Clubs begin this week
  • 19th Jan
    Football and netball tournament
  • 26th Jan
    Year 4 dance festival
  • 26th Jan
    Year 2 and 3 hockey @MSJ

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

  • Date
  • 4th Jun
  • 11th Jun
  • 14th Jun
    Y5 Bikeability training
  • 15th Jun
    Y 5 and 6 Rounders at Dysons (by invitation)
  • 18th Jun
    Y5 Bikeability
  • 19th Jun
    Y6 'Magic of Science' at Malvern College
  • 20th Jun
    Y5 Bikeability training
  • 21st Jun
    Y5 Bikeability training
  • 22nd Jun
    Y4 Bikeability training
  • 22nd Jun
  • 22nd Jun
    Y5 Chase taster day
  • 25th Jun
    Reception 2018 welcome evening
  • 26th Jun
    Reception & KS1 Sports Day
  • 28th Jun
    KS2 Sports Day
  • 28th Jun
    Nursery & Pre-sch welcome meeting

July 2018

  • Date
  • 4th Jul
    Ensemble concert
  • 6th Jul
    Year 4 Cafe Day
  • 11th Jul
    Year 5 taster day at Dyson Perrins
  • 13th Jul
    Clubs end today
  • 14th Jul
    FOSP summer fayre
  • 17th Jul
    Year 6 Leavers Gala: performance to KS1
  • 18th Jul
    Year 6 Leavers Gala: performance to KS2
  • 19th Jul
    Year 6 Leavers Gala: performance to parents
  • 23rd Jul
    Hills Walk
  • 24th Jul
  • 24th Jul
    Leavers Assembly for children

November 2018

  • Date
  • 12th Nov
    w/c 12th Nov 18 - Anti-bullying week
  • 29th Nov
    Viking School - Year 5
  • 30th Nov
    Christmas decoration day
  • 30th Nov
    Reception Christmas craft day with parents

December 2018

  • Date
  • 4th Dec
    Flu sprays for Reception up to Year 5 classes
  • 6th Dec
    Reception nativity - 10am and 2pm
  • 7th Dec
    Christmas jumper day
  • 7th Dec
    Reception hearing tests
  • 12th Dec
    Year 3 & Year 4 Christmas Service 2pm and 6pm
  • 13th Dec
    Reception & Malvern Vale Smart Trees trip
  • 18th Dec
    KS1 nativity 2pm and 6pm
  • 19th Dec
    Year 5 & Year 6 Christmas Service 2pm & 6pm
  • 21st Dec
    Christmas Party Day

January 2019

  • Date
  • 7th Jan
    1st Day of Term
  • 17th Jan
    Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics (by invitation letter)
  • 18th Jan
    Netball and Football League
  • 21st Jan
    Clubs Start this week
  • 21st Jan
    Yr 4 Dance Festival
  • 24th Jan
    SEN Parents Meeting
  • 28th Jan
    Y6 Booster Clubs start this week
  • 29th Jan
    Author Visit -Maz Evans
  • 31st Jan
    SEN Parents meeting

February 2019

  • Date
  • 7th Feb
    SEN Parents' meeting
  • 12th Feb
    Y3 Trip to Smite Farm
  • 15th Feb
    School closes for half term
  • 25th Feb
    School re-opens for all children
  • 27th Feb
    Y5/6 Netball Somers Park v The Downs
  • 27th Feb
    Y5 Belgium Trip meeting for parents

March 2019

  • Date
  • 1st Mar
    Y1 Multi Skills Festival
  • 8th Mar
    Dyson's Netball and Football League
  • 13th Mar
    Y2 Trip to Malvern Theatres to see the Worst Witch
  • 14th Mar
    MET Netball and Football
  • 15th Mar
    Level 2 Tennis
  • 18th Mar
    No clubs this week
  • 19th Mar
    Parents Evening
  • 21st Mar
    Parents' Evening
  • 28th Mar
    Parents workshop 3DR
  • 29th Mar
    Inset Day- school closed to children

April 2019

  • Date
  • 2nd Apr
    Y6 SATs Parent information meeting
  • 4th Apr
    Y5 Residential trip to Belgium
  • 4th Apr
    4NV parent workshop
  • 4th Apr
    FOSP Committe meeting
  • 5th Apr
    Y5 trip to Belgium
  • 5th Apr
    After school clubs finish today
  • 5th Apr
    Tag Rugby v The Wyche
  • 8th Apr
    Quicksticks Hockey
  • 8th Apr
    Non- uniform day Children to bring in a chocolate donation
  • 8th Apr
    Nursery Parent Workshop
  • 9th Apr
    Worcestershire West Netball Play offs
  • 9th Apr
    Worcestershire West Football play offs
  • 10th Apr
    Y6 Rivers trip to Knapp and Papermill
  • 11th Apr
    Easter Bingo
  • 12th Apr
    End of Term
  • 12th Apr
    Last swim for Year 4
  • 12th Apr
    Reception Easter Craft day
  • 12th Apr
    FOSP cake sale
  • 29th Apr
    Summer Term- school opens to all pupils
  • 30th Apr
    U8/9 Cricket @ The Downs

May 2019

  • Date
  • 9th May
    3SD Parent Workshop
  • 22nd May
    Reception Trip to Wythall Transport Museum
  • 24th May
    Sea Legs Nursery Rhyme Puppet Show

June 2019

  • Date
  • 4th Jun
    6ME Parent Worshop
  • 5th Jun
    Yr 1 Museum in your classroom visit
  • 6th Jun
    6GM Parent Workshop
  • 6th Jun
    5JB Parent Workshop
  • 11th Jun
    Y5 Trip to We the Curious Bristol
  • 18th Jun
    Y3 Visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm
  • 21st Jun
    Level 1 Bikeability (Y4)
  • 24th Jun
    Level 1 Bikeability training (Y4)
  • 27th Jun
    4AC Cafe Day 2pm
  • 28th Jun
    4NV Cafe Day 2pm
  • 28th Jun
    FOSP School Disco

July 2019

  • Date
  • 5th Jul
    Year 5 The Chase taster day
  • 11th Jul
    Year 5 Dysons taster day
  • 15th Jul
    Y2 Trip to Bishop's Wood

September 2019

  • Date
  • 13th Sep
    Y5 Swimming starts
  • 17th Sep
    Y3/4 Hockey
  • 25th Sep
    Y5/6 Hockey

October 2019

  • Date
  • 2nd Oct
    Y4 Residential Trip to Malvern Outdoor Elements 2nd to 4th October
  • 7th Oct
    Y4 Trip to Cheltenham Literature Festival
  • 8th Oct
    Y6 trip to Cheltenham Literature Festival
  • 15th Oct
    Parents' Evening
  • 16th Oct
    Parents' Evening
  • 25th Oct
    School closes for half term