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Year 5

Year 5 Spring Term 2019 letter

5JB timetable

Children are given homework three times a week including:

  • Monday: Maths homework is handed out to children to be completed the next day.
  • Tuesday: English homework is distributed that day to be completed and handed in by Friday.
  • Wednesday: Maths homework is given to the children to be completed and handed in by Friday.
  • Friday: Spellings are distributed out on a Friday to be learned and tested the following Friday.

Homework should take a maximum of 30 minutes, although often it will be less. Please try to help your child find a time and place to do their homework where they will not be distracted - e.g. where there is no television or computers on.

Finally, children are provided with reading records and are expected to read 4-5 times per week for around 20 minutes a time. This will help them to develop their vocabulary and understanding of how to write and communicate well. It will also help them to develop strong comprehension and understanding, while hopefully developing a love of English. 

Please find available for download our Guide to SPAG in Year 5.

Miss Verny's English set spellings can be downloaded HERE



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