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Kindergarten Stage 1

Nursery cares for our very youngest children.

Our nursery department offers additional hours to all nursery aged children.  Nursery is open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday during term time.

We accept children into Nursery at any time during a term and we are flexible about the sessions that you would like to book.  We are also able to offer ‘extra sessions’ where parents need them, provided that we have a few days notice so that we can check staff numbers and spaces for the session required.  Nursery can also arrange for meals to be provided which are cooked on-site by Malvern Caterers.  Meals are paid for in addition to Nursery’s hourly charge. Children can bring a breakfast or lunch from home if you would prefer.

If your child is in nursery and you would like to arrange extra sessions, please contact Miss Warry at nursery@somerspark.worcs.sch.uk


Waiting for a Pre-School place?

If your child is on the waiting list for a place in our pre-school then you can apply for a nursery place.  You may then use your 3 year old funded hours to send your child to our nursery until a place becomes available at the pre-school.  You may also pay for hours in addition to the funded hours.

Already at Pre-School?

If your child is already in our pre-school and you require additional hours these can be booked in our nursery.

2 Years 9 Months

Children can come to nursery from the time that they turn 2 years 9 months up until they start school in Reception.  If you would like your child to start nursery at 2 years 9 months then all sessions would be charged until you are eligible for your 3 year old funding.

We can also give you a form to see if you are eligible for 2 year old funding.


Nursery is £4 an hour with a discount for all day bookings.


Breakfast £1.50  

Lunch £2.10   

Light tea £1.50


Please find available for download our Autumn Term 2 timetable.

If you are interested in your child starting in Somers Park Kindergarten, please complete the application form and return to the school office.

For enquiries about nursery, please contact Miss Warry at nursery@somerspark.worcs.sch.uk

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    Pre-school leader

    Mrs E Philpotts

    Teaching assistant

    Mrs H Rose

    Teaching assistant

    Ms H Woods

    Teaching assistant

    Mr B Robertshaw

    Sports coach

  • Nursery cooking 28.09.16

    Cooking session At Nursery this afternoon we baked some cakes. We tried one at snack time and they were yummy.  Ask your child what ingredients we need to make a cake. They are very good at reminding us if we missed the icing. We also enjoyed using the excess flour…

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  • Nursery blog 12.10.16 - autumn timetable

    Available as PDF

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  • Nursery blog: Pumpkins

    This week the children have enjoyed exploring pumpkins. They tasted Pumpkin soup and Pre-school and also enjoyed telling us what they did with their pumpkins at home! Some quotes from the children: 'I feels very squishy' 'I made a scary face on mine with big eyes'.

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  • Nursery blog: Exploring autumn

    This week the children have been exploring the school grounds, looking at different signs of Autumn. We have done leaf printing, making our own wreath, counting and sorting conkers!

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  • Nursery blog: Exploring winter

    This week we have be learning all about winter. The children enjoyed exploring ice in the water tray and going for a winter walk today in the snowy conditions. ❄️ We made some bird feeders with Mrs Rose and have put them in the forest. 

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  • Nursery blog: Rainbow Fish

    This week we have read the story 'The Rainbow Fish.' The children have enjoyed learning about under the sea animals, dressing up as divers, painting their own repeated pattern rainbow fish and also listening to sounds that dolphins and sharks make!

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  • Nursery blog: Co-ordination skills

    This week we have been working on our ability and confidence to climb large play equipment. The children have demonstrated some good co-ordination and balance skills!  

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  • Nursery blog: Rain

    In Nursery we like to embrace the outdoors in all weather! :-)

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  • Nursery blog: The Gruffalo

    In nursery we love reading the story  'The Gruffalo' We are making Gruffalo crumble, our own gruffalo model with play dough and prqctising our counting by adding 'purple prickles' to the gruffalo's back!

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