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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Clubs Spring 2017

Please note that clubs finish at different times. Please check timings carefully. Children in wrap around care will be collected from their clubs. Please remember the essential rules for a child joining a club:

  • Children cannot drop out; they must stay with the club to the end of the term.
  • Children must go to the club if in school; they cannot change their mind during the day.
  • Parents must inform the office if a child is going to miss a club for any reason (i.e. dental appointment).
  • If a parent is persistently late collecting, the child will have to leave the club.
  • A child who does not match expectations of conduct will be asked to leave.
  • Year 6 pupils in booster clubs are expected to attend their booster club.



Wrap around care & extra-curricular clubs

If your child attends wrap around care and extra-curricular clubs during the school year, their place in after-school wrap around care can only be kept with full payment for the hour to hold the space. Extra-curricular club discounts will not be given from September 2016.

clubs 2017

clubs 2017