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School finance is managed by Mrs Hilary Woolley (Business Manager) and Mrs Les McGee (Senior School Administrator).

Online Payments

We have an online payment system for all parents/carers to use. Below is a document showing you how to set up your child on the system. You will need your child's account code and registration code. This is available from Les McGee in the school office. Once you have set your child up on the system you can use it to pay for all trips and events as well as nursery and wrap around provision.

link to online payment system


Trips and Events

The school believes in offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and visits to enrich the children’s education. There is a strong sense of commitment to this from teachers, governors, and parents. Teaching staff are very careful to plan activities to match learning needs.

There are two forms of funding:

1. School day time activities.

Voluntary contributions are invited to support extra activities. Staff frequently send out a letter of response to investigate support when organising trips and events. The truth is that if support is not forthcoming, the activity cannot take place. The current practice is that parents highly value the quality experiences offered.

2. Activities out of school hours.

These activities are charged for and payments must be committed. Once again the school can be approached for support.


If any parent has difficulty finding the funds to support activities, the school can help. The head teacher should be approached for confidential help.

School also offers bursaries and grants to families to support these activities. Families are discreetly chosen according to child development need.


Information regarding school accounts can be found here Met Academies Financial-Records