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Somers Park School Chums


Summer 2016

Somers Park is in its twelfth year of The Chums Global Triangle, an educational relationship between it, Chumbageni Primary School, Tanga, Tanzania, Africa and The Key Independent School, Annapolis, Maryland USA. The relationship has developed into a secure and close one with major educational benefits.

There has been annual staff exchange visits between all three schools.

Pupils write to each other often, and e-mails are exchanged. Art work is also exchanged. Pupils web conference between The Key and Somers Park. Cuddly animal diaries are exchanged between all three schools together with locality photographs. Artefacts reflecting aspects of each community are sent to each other.

Somers Park has established a new computer room at Chumbageni equipped with 24 new computers, printers and a range of software. Five classrooms have been refurbished, electricity introduced, and re-roofed. A quality football pitch and netball pitch has been built, as has a new nursery. The school has been fenced.

All three schools run a environment project that focussed on water, gardening and cooking. All work produced was exchanged between the schools. Pupils at all schools grow vegetables they go on to cook.

Projects have included a water collection, retention and distribution centre built at Somers Park, Chumbageni, and The Key School.

Schools also study Fairtrade and The Equal Rights of the Child.

CHUMS has become an expanded organisation that includes eight Malvern primary schools, one Shropshire secondary school, and four primary schools in Exeter that all link with individual schools in Tanga, Tanzania.

Somers Park has “CHUMS4Watoto”, a charity group that supports highly able orphans from Chumbageni through higher education. This has met with much success with supported students progressing from challenging backgrounds to become Vets, electricians, mechanics, and businessmen.

The charity also raises funds to feed sixty children a day at kitchen built by Chums4Watoto.