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School Council

Somers Park School Council is the student voice of the school. Children are voted by their peers as class representatives on to the School Council.

Class representatives regularly meet with their class, bringing their class views and ideas to raise for discussion at the School Council, which meets every Tuesday. At the school council meetings, the representatives focus on finding solutions aimed at improving the quality of school life.


They work to decide how to improve the grounds and facilities of the school from a student perspective (so far this year, our council has succeeded in acquiring new wet play equipment for every classroom and flowers for the Key Stage 1 playground). They also generate fundraising ideas and organise them to help raise money for local and national charities, such as Chumbageni Primary School (a school in Tanzania of which Somers Park is a sponsor). So far this year, the School Council have already raised nearly £1800 in support of the Sitini Project, which provides sixty orphan children with a hot meal.

The Skipping for Sitini event, which involved the children being sponsored to achieve a personal ‘skip target’ during PE lessons, was a hugely popular event with the students during spring term, and set us well on our way to our £4000 target for the year.

Wheally, Wheely Fun Week, which will be held over the first week of July, involves children bringing  in their bikes and scooters to cycle around specially designed courses planned by the School Council. Another sponsored event, it is a fantastically fun experience that always raises vital funds for Chumbageni Primary School.


This year, the council has worked closely with all the children, teachers, and FOSP (Friends of Somers Park) to help improve our school community and all those associated with it. They are deservedly proud of all their achievements and are very excited to complete the year in style.


The School Council is extremely grateful for all of the excellent support it receives from parents and friends of the school to help it raise funds for the two deserving causes. In the following years, it will look again for the support and generosity of the wider school community to help generate funds and ideas and to help make our school a better place.


For this kindness, both the pupils and the teachers are very appreciative.

School Council 2016


Somers Park School Council, June 2016

Somers Park School Council, June 2016