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About Us

Somers Park is extremely proud of its unique heritage. Evolving from 'The British School' through a number of transformations, our lineage since 1844 makes us one of the oldest schools in Malvern and Worcestershire. Established by the non-conformist community on Worcester Road, an open minded, free thinking approach has been our sustained core ethos. We take pride in developing independent thinkers.

We moved to our current site in 1919 as the original school closed. After a number of amended local authority names, Somers Park recently re-established its independence by becoming a new academy. More information can be found here in our Academy Update below.

Our local community is most settled, and there are strong family connections with the school. It is not unusual for parents, grand-parents and even great grand-parents of pupils to have attended Somers Park. A large majority of staff employed in school have either attended Somers Park, had their own children in school, or live close by.

There are many committees involved in developing education at the school. FOSP: Friends of Somers Park, is an outstanding organisation that runs many events throughout the year. There are also Cooking, Gardening, Fair-trade and School Council groups. We aim to fully include parents and pupils in mapping their own learning. We also 'invest in people', supporting all in educational learning and in the workplace.

Our Community Room is used to support early years parent/child groups, adult education, and other linked projects that support the school learning ethos.

Somers Park has powerful global links with Chumbageni Primary School in Tanzania, and The Key Independent School in America that make a direct contribution to our creative curriculum.

A school proud of our traditions and learning ethos, we are always ambitious to develop an innovative future, preparing pupils to enter an ever changing world as confident, resourceful adults.

School Building

School Building